Executive Search


Steve Jobs

“If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking! “

The secret to successful Executive Search has always been the consultants’ knowledge and understanding of people and business. Only through continuous research and productive, as well as enriched interviewing with executives and organizations can this be accomplished.

Having conducted close to 15,000 interviews over the past 20 years, we understand corporate management echelon positions and their diversity between local entrepreneurial organizations and large multinational corporations. Our approach to every collaboration and project we undertake follows a simple yet fundamental philosophy in ensuring success.

Understanding Your Needs

Working closely with your company, we define your management needs through understanding your philosophy, business strategy and specific skills required for each position. We structure, together with the key decision maker, the position and candidate profile; the career path and opportunities; the total remuneration and benefits package as well as the potential search universe.

Searching the Market

By using both our own extensive data-base, as well as the availability in the existing market, we design an extensive and realistic profile of the candidate needed for the specific position. This profile coincides with your company values & profile – under your present and future strategic plans – as well as your position in the market. Our consultants take the project step by step, keeping open communication through constant updates with the designated project leader for each assignment.

Delivering Results

Following a structured, well-designed interviewing path and using our exclusive Neuro-Linguistic Programming Interviewing Model (NLPIM©) and Meta Programs Value Index (MPVI©), we assess the best potential candidates for your short list. We are present every step of the way between the client and the candidates by facilitate the communication, advising both sides on the negotiations and supporting you in your final decision. Our success story is simple: over 1,200 successful placements in senior, second line and junior management positions since 1993.