Peak Performance


Jim Rohn

“Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.”

Being able to consistently operate at a higher level of performance is the ultimate goal for any business. We help you to develop, lead and coach your people effectively in enabling them to shift their thinking, step out of their comfort zones and work as a team in realizing their goals through peak performance achievement. Our support can take the shape of specific training modules to align skills and expertise and/or the coaching of specific team meetings to improve engagement, morale and team effectiveness.

What They Are

The customized Peak Performance Training & Coaching Programs are created specifically for the individual requirements of each client in the key areas of Communication, Leadership and Performance. As such, they are designed to support the Managers in expanding their perceptions and leading their teams with greater clarity, creativity and drive. Consequently, they also function as excellent skills-based workshops for creating excellence in: Cultural & Organizational Change, Coaching, and Personal Leadership.

How They Work

Phase I of these programs typically involves Personal Assessment Interviews with each member of the group. These serve as an appraisal to identify each participant’s awareness and perception of the given situation, as well as their motivation in being part of a team in providing effective guidance and solutions for the company’s organizational as well as commercial needs. Apart from also functioning as a ‘get-to-know-you’ premise with the Trainer/Coach delivering the program, the interviews will also identify what key areas of improvement need to be addressed in designing the program itself.

Workshop Modules

Phase II involves the implementation of the actual Workshops that are designed as either 2 or 3 day program modules. Each module includes a substantial mix of interactive exercises and Q&A from the delegates in order to ensure a truly hands-on integration of the topics covered.

These Modules will enable the participants to:

  • Incorporate the success mindset used by some of the world’s most influential leaders, managers and communicators in business.
  • Learn the NLP Communication Model and how to apply it in dramatically increasing personal flexibility and influence over themselves as well as others.
  • Build rapport very quickly and effectively (either with a group or individually), while also knowing how to pick up potential signs of resistance in any context or situation.
  • Learn how to unlock their peak performance state and access it at anytime throughout the day.
  • Identify the four different thinking styles in others and learn how to utilize each one to improve both verbal and non-verbal communication, while maximizing performance.
  • Create and set goals in such way that will promote both ownership and results every time.
  • Learn the most precise and effective questioning techniques to gather precise information on any topic, while also getting to the root of a conflict or problem situation.
  • Master the most effective language patterns to coach and motivate team members through limiting beliefs or decisions on the spot.

Upon completion of the modules, and depending on the nature of the client’s needs, we may also design and conduct a customized Coaching Program to support the managers in rolling out their specific action plans.